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How to redeem a Coinbase gift card on Coinbase?

Do you have a Coinbase gift card? If yes, you must be surprised by knowing that you can use your card to add crypto funds to your account. A card that is loaded with a crypto balance can be used in several places without any issue. A gift card by Coinbase let you learn how to invest in cryptos as well. There are several exchanges that allow users to invest in cryptos via a gift card as well. Coinbase also allows you to redeem your gift card easily and quickly on the cryptocurrencies page. Here in this read, we are going to talk about the process to redeem the gift card by Coinbase on Coinbase.
Users who are looking to redeem gift cards on Coinbase can easily do so by signing in to their profile. Once they access the Coinbase account, the process to redeem the gift cards becomes easier. In case a user is logged out from their Coinbase account then he or needs to sign in their account by recovering the login details.

The steps to redeem on Coinbase via a Coinbase gift card

Whether you are using an iPhone or you have an Android smartphone, you can easily redeem the gift card that you have with the help of the steps that are elaborated below:
  1. 1.
    PC users: open a browser, visit the the page, and sign in to your account
  2. 2.
    Mobile users: discover the Coinbase app from the list, open it, and access your account
  3. 3.
    Now, you need to reach the cryptocurrencies section and then select the desired currency
  4. 4.
    After that, feed the USD amount field and then click the ‘Next’ button to proceed
  5. 5.
    Now, select the ‘Redeem a gift card' option from the payment methods
  6. 6.
    Once asked, submit the details of the card in the required fields
  7. 7.
    Get to the ‘Confirm order’ button to proceed to the next page
  8. 8.
    Finally, the crypto coins will be added to your Coinbase account
To sum up, on the Coinbase exchange, you can use gift cards as payment methods. Here you can use a Coinbase gift card as well to invest in cryptos. If you have a gift card and it has sufficient USD then you can use it to buy cryptos on the Coinbase exchange. To avoid issues, you should provide the correct and valid details of your card and type them correctly. Once you submit the required details, you will be able to redeem your gift card. Hopefully, you have learned how to redeem a gift card on Coinbase.
Last modified 1mo ago